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A Trip on the Line

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A journey on the Fawley Hill Museum Railway is an unique experience as it takes place over one of the steepest standard gauge lines in the United Kingdom.

Signal Box.jpg

Shobnall Maltings Signal Box

The trip along the valley provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to see the herds of deer and other animals that inhabit the park.

When the starter signal is pulled off at Inverernie, the train reverses along the valley to Bourne Again, taking care to avoid any of the animals that have decided to recline on the track. 

Leaving Somersham station, the train passes under the footbridge and into the park. The train descends the hill, providing an excellent opportunity to see many of the architectural railway features that have been rescued by Sir William over the past 40 years. 

Rounding the bend on the hill, the train passes the signal box to arrive at Bourne Again station. At Bourne Again, the train reverses for the quarter-mile journey along the valley to Inverernie station.


At Bourne Again station, the train reverses once again for the climb back to Somersham station.

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Deer and wallabies are some of the wildlife to be found around the park. 

Somersham Station

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