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Visiting Motoring Clubs

The images on this page show some of the motoring clubs which have attended Invitation Days and private events at Fawley Hill over the past couple of years. We are excited to have two motoring clubs booked for each of our forthcoming Invitation Days in 2024, which will provide a wide variety of interesting vehicles for visitors to look at.

Fawley Museum is a good rendezvous for private vehicle events, even when there isn't an Invitation Day in progress. Contact us at with 'Car Club visit' in the subject line or by using the contact form below.

ID2 cars RC 3 edited.jpg
VMCC3 RC edited.jpg

Our July Invitation Day was well-attended  by collections of MGs, Jaguars and Italian classics.

Field 1.jpg
Blue AHs edited.jpg
Colourful Minors.jpg

We were thrilled to be visited by colourful groups of Austin Healeys and Morris Minors recently, all looking glorious in the summer sunshine. 

Colouful MGs edited.jpg
Austin Healey edited.jpg
Mini with Rolls.jpg

On our second Invitation Day, we had the pleasure of the company of a number of early Minis.  The Mini sitting next to our resident Rolls is a very early example.   

Mini2 edited.jpg

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!  In the yard, alongside our diesels, are a number of early Minis and, nearest to the camera, an orange Mini Marcos.  Behind it is our Flying Flea.  

20230430_120135 edited.jpg
20230430_123432 edited.jpg

At the beginning of April Fawley was delighted to play host to 16 Model T Fords.  They came in many styles and colours (not just black!)  A joy to behold. 

20230430_122612 edited.jpg
20230430_115912 edited.jpg
20230430_122107 edited.jpg
20230430_122558 edited.jpg
ID6 7 edited.jpg

It was good to see the splendid display of cars brought by the Brooklands Members group to the  Invitation Day on August 14th. The little event plaque on each car was a very nice touch.

20220626_134709 edited.jpg

A lovely display by the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Oxfordshire on 26th July 2022

ID6 3 edited.jpg
20220626_135023 edited.jpg

Here's a car that won't run out of juice. (Apologies for that!). Six of these cars were built between 1971 and 1974 to promote Outspan Oranges. Based on the Mini with a 998cc 4 cylinder engine, it is limited to 30mph above which, it has a tendency to roll!

20220626_135347 edited.jpg

A beautiful collection of Morgans in front of the Museum


A variety of Triumph sports cars  on a recent visit


A superb Messerschmidt bubble car


A 3.5 litre Bentley


 Morgans and other collectable cars in the Yard

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